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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Machame Route - 7 Days
Rongai Route - 7 Days
Marangu Route - 7 Days

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Ngorongoro | Tarangire - 4 Days
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Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Rongai Route - 7 Days
Marangu Route - 7 Days
Machame Route - 7 Days


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Kilimanjaro (formerly called Kaiser-Wilhelm-Spitze) is an enormous stratovolcano, not currently active, in northeastern Tanzania near the Kenya border. It includes the highest peak in Africa at 5,895 meters. The dormant volcano towers 15,000 feet above the surrounding arid plains, and 2.5 square miles of its surface are over 18,500 feet. Kilimanjaro's summit crater, called Kibo, measures an incredible 1.5 miles across. The highest point on Kibo's steep edge is Uhuru, the highest peak in Africa.

Africa's highest mountain and the highest free standing mountain in the world remained relatively unfamiliar to the outside world until 1848. Snow capped and veiled by clouds, the local Chagga people called it 'Kilema Kyaro' meaning 'that which cannot be conquered' or 'that which makes a journey impossible.' Today, it is the dream of every explorer to conquer its summit and stand on the "roof of Africa."

The mountain consists of three volcanoes: Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo. Shira became extinct and collapsed leaving a series of rocky ridges on the Shira plateau. Mawenzi is dormant and its uneven peaks require an experienced climb and last but not the least is the Uhuru Peak, (19,340 ft.) Kibo's highest peak

Kilimanjaro is one of the most accessible high summits of the world compared to other mountains. That is why it is as everyman's Mount Everest. Most climbers reach the crater edge with little more than a walking stick, proper clothing and determination. And those who reach Uhuru Point, the actual summit, or Gillman's Point on the lip of the crater consider themselves very lucky to reach the lofty heights-where Gods dwell! It is an unforgettable experience for them and the delightful memory remains with them throughout their lives.

Kilimanjaro, by any name, is a metaphor for the convincing beauty of East Africa -anybody who visits this mysterious lofty land secluded by clouds would agree with the previous statement.

For those of you that relish challenges climbing to the highest point in Africa (Uhuru Peak on Mount Kilimanjaro) will be a lifetime fulfilment. The breathtaking view of the diverse tropical landscape will prove to be worth every step of the challenging climb. You can also attempt to climb Mount Kenya following any of the routes described below


Day 1: Moshi - Ameg Lodge
Arrival at your hotel. If you need to hire any extra gear, advise the hotel this evening. Leave any excess clothing and valuables at the hotel - they will lock them up for you.

Pack your bag carefully for the climb - remember the weight limit of 12kg. Leave some 'bin bags' in an outer pocket of your bag, and show the porters where they are so that in case of rain they can quickly cover your bag. Keep one out for your personal backpack too!

Dinner and overnight at Ameg Lodge DBB.

Day 2: Machame - Machame Camp
Driven to Park Gate (approx one hour) where you will meet your guide and porters. The guide has an amount of paperwork to do at the gate, as well as organizing the porters - these things take time (African time!) - please relax, sit down and enjoy the scenery - don't get anxious about starting off - it will only get you stressed out!! The larger the group, the longer it will take - be prepared to wait for anything from 1 - 2 hours.

A five-hour walk through the spectacular forest will bring you to Machame Hut at 3000 m. This Daywear your hiking boots and ensure you keep your wet weather gear with you. Shorts and t-shirt will be sufficient. There are patches on the route where it is VERY wet and muddy, and you may end up with pretty wet boots this evening.

Ensure your boots are waterproofed, and that you have spare lightweight shoes to wear in camp this evening. ALWAYS keep your boots and water bottles INSIDE the tent at night - otherwise they will freeze. Fill up your water bottle at night, and purify it - allowing some of the chlorine fumes to dissipate. Take it SLOWLY toDay; you will encounter some steep parts on the climb - but generally its not too strenuous.

The porters walk ahead and sometimes with you - make sure every Day, that you have all your personal gear needed with you, as you will not have access to your bag. The porters will set up Camp and the guide will prepare your meals. Conditions are difficult on this route, and your guide / porters will do everything they can to make your climb pleasant and as comfortable as possible. Eat well - at higher levels your appetite will diminish.

Dinner and overnight at Machame Hut LDBB.

Day 3: Shira - Shira Hut
Ascend to Shira Hut, 3 800 m. A short descent from Machame Hut followed by an hour or so of hard uphill to the top of the forest, then 2 hours at a more gentle angle through the lower moorlands brings one to the top of a rocky bluff. Lunch is normally taken here.

From here, descend 50 ft then start traversing westwards, up towards Shira Cathedral. The last sections of this route is relatively flat and easy - but once again, take it very slowly. Take a jersey with you toDay, as it cools down considerably during and after lunch. Again, keep your wet weather gear handy, and some snacks for the route. Drink plenty of water.

To Day you should take Diamox (if planning to) - in the morning. You may experience tingling fingers, toes and nose from this drug. As it is a diuretic, it is most important to keep your fluid intake high. Camp at Shira - it's a pretty cold campsite, you may get rain or sleet, and in the morning the ground and tents will be frozen over. Tonight you may experience headaches and breathing problems

Dinner and overnight at Shira Hut LDBB

Day 4: Barranco - Barranco Camp
From Shira you will set off to Barranco (3 900 m), skirting just below Lava Tower - you are now walking at approx altitude of 4 000 m, around the southern side of the mountain.

A few steep sections and valleys, a small section of scree and rock, some sand 'dunes' - it's a long and fairly tiring Day.

This is part of your acclimatization - walking in height from 3 800 m up to 4 800 m, and then overnight at 3 900 m. Once again, pace yourself to graduate slowly. Tonight you may experience further headaches, nausea and breathing problems. Night temperature - again cold (night frosts).

Dinner and overnight at Barranco Hut LDBB

Day 5: Barafu - Barafu Hut
Continue from Barranco across and up towards Barafu Hut (4 600 m). ToDayyou will cross the Barranco Wall - it's a climb over rock - not technical, but tiring and hard/long - ending up in the valley for lunch.

After lunch you start to ascend - to Barafu - again you will probably get more headaches / nausea, some sections of sand/scree. It's a long Day- your guide will set the pace. Learn to pace yourself with your breathing - do not try to rush to catch up with anyone, go at your own, most comfortable speed and you will arrive at base camp relatively comfortably. Listen to your guide/s, they will help you.

It will be very cold to Day- especially when you stop for lunch and rest - dress warmly, again you may expect some sleet on this Day. You will be walking through the cloud. After supper, drink as much tea as possible; settle down for an early night. You are likely to have a pretty bad headache at this stage.

If you are vomiting, or hallucinating, talk to your guide. He will make the decision as to whether you are able to continue. If you plan to take Decadron, do so before going to bed. Drink plenty of fluids, as you are in a 'desert' area - albeit cold, and tomorrow will be a long hard Day

Dinner and overnight at Barafu Hut LDBB

Day 6: Mweka - Mweka Camp
To Day is a very long and strenuous Day. Drink lots of fluid before you start, you will be very thirsty by the end of the Day- if you manage, carry 3 litres of fluid with you to Day.

You will be woken at about 00h30 or 01h00 with tea and a biscuit. Put on all your clothing ready for the final ascent. You will be climbing up scree for approximately 4-5 hours. The guide will stop frequently to rest and check on his group. It is very important to listen to your body and breathing and try to get into a rhythm.

Because of the slowness of your walk, your fingers and toes are likely to get extremely cold - three pairs of socks should be considered for to Dayand two pairs of gloves (inner and warm outer). The views from the mountain (on the way up) are spectacular - you gain incredible height over a short distance

You arrive at Stella Point (5 750 m), just at the top of the crater, have a rest - the sun should be shining! From here continue on a relatively easy path up to Uhuru peak (5 895 m), the highest point in Africa. Your water bottle is probably frozen at this stage, and on reaching the summit there will be a certain relief amongst the group. You will descend from Stella to Barafu.

Depending on the timing of your summit, you will be able to have a short rest here (maybe a sleep) and something to eat, before continuing down the Mweka Route, which has recently re-opened after extensive re-furbishing being done by National Parks. You will travel down quickly on the scree gasping in more oxygen, step by step.

This is a long descent, and Mweka always seems to be on the 'next hill' - never arriving. It is likely you may experience seizure of joints - particularly knees to Day- keep a support bandage with you for this descent, and perhaps some anti-inflammatory pills/cream. Arrival Mweka (3 100 m), late afternoon, on the edge of the rainforest, overnight camping. Time to reflect on the Day's achievements

Dinner and overnight at Mweka Hut LDBB

Day 7: Moshi - Ameg Lodge
A three to four hour pretty descent through the rainforest to the Park Gate, where the vehicle will meet you. There are generally beers and cokes for sale at the park gate. Transfer by vehicle to the Hotel in Moshi

Dinner and overnight at Ameg Lodge DBB

Day 8: Depart
Breakfast at your hotel. Depending with the mode of transfer and time, you will be picked from your hotel and transfer to your respective destinations

Price includes

  • 2 Nights at Ameg Lodge

  • 1 Night at Machame Hut

  • 1 Night at Shira Hut

  • 1 Night at Barranco Hut

  • 1 Night at Barafu Hut

  • 1 Night at Mweka Hut

  • All Park Fees

  • National park approved guides and porters

Price excludes

  • All International Flights + Taxes

  • Visas

  • Travel & Personal accident insurance

  • Tips & personal expenses such as telephone calls etc

  • Excursions not detailed in above program

Added Value

Health Requirements
Please note you will need a Yellow Fever Inoculation, this must be done no later than 10 days prior to departure. If you have had any previous history of Liver Disorders you must consult your physician first. Malaria prophylactics are a must.

These are considered to be compulsory for all attempting Kilimanjaro, it has become a tradition! Please budget at least USD50 for this six-Day camping hike - per guest - which gets split across the group. Old clothing is also appreciated!

  • All transport by private vehicle to and from the mountain
  • Accommodation as detailed on the itinerary.
  • Services of a private mountain guide, cook and adequate porters to carry both trip provisions and client's private bags.
  • National Park entrance, accommodation and camping fees.
  • All food and catering equipment, breakfasts, lunches (packed when necessary) and evening meals prepared by our own cook. Special dietary requirements are catered for with prior arrangements at no extra cost.
  • Certificate of Achievement /appreciation from us.
  • Free storage of excess baggage not required on the mountain hike.
  • Crisis management apparatus VHF 2-way radio, basic first aid kit and an on call vehicle.

Cost excludes:

  • Travel and personal accident insurance.
  • Visa, passport, vaccinations, medicines.
  • Personal Mountain equipment.
  • Tips.
  • Expenditure on alcoholic drinks, souvenirs and other personal items.
  • Optional excursions not detailed in the itinerary.
  • Additional optional accommodation added at the base hotel or extra days on the mountain added.
  • Treated drinking water other than boiled.
  • Extra costs incurred in case of own intentional change of itinerary while already on trek.
  • Porters to carry excess of 16Kg. personal luggage per client.


Zanzibar Beach Holiday Safari Tours

Zanzibar beach holidays; endless blue skies, stunning whitesands beaches framed by whispering palm fronds. Dancing to an African Drum beat long into the night. Cool water and hot sun on your skin. Your memories of Zanzibar will last a lifetime.
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